Justin is a self-driven young professional who has a wealth of work experience in China and New Zealand, exploring the different industries. He strives in living his life to the fullest and enjoys travelling to different countries to explore and understand the diversity of cultures and people in the world. He strongly believes that work-life balance is part of true success.

  • Master's degree from the University of Auckland
  • Full scholarship exchange student at Penn State University in the United States
  • With 14 years of experience in IELTS teaching, he entered New Oriental at the age of 19
  • Specializing in IELTS listening and reading teaching, IELTS Listening 9.0, Reading 9.0

His class is always filled with joy and students gain a lot from it,  making learning fun and engaging. He is humorous and insightful, earning students' admiration. He is deeply loved by his students. Justin is one of the highest scoring listening/reading teachers in the Auckland region, known as the "Prince of Listening and Reading".