We have now proudly joined the PTE Club as approved Professional Partner in New Zealand.

Learn more about PTE academic: pearsonpte.com


Accepted by Immigration New Zealand and Australia

Approved for all New Zealand and Australian visa applications
E.g. SME Category

Global University Acceptance

Accepted for study applications by thousands of academic programmes around the world

Flexible Test & Fast Results

Testing globally over 360 days of the year in over 200 test centres around the world. Results are typically available within five business days.

Professional & Experienced

Classes are given by professional and experienced teachers trained for PTE Academic


We use all the first-hand resources from the Pearson including official guide and materials, mock tests and analytics, etc.


Covering all the key points and tactics in the test

Our Pricing for PTE

PTE 1v1 VIP tutorialsfrom $1980


PTE VIP tutorials per unitfrom $160


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